Hi, I’m Shannon!

A small-town girl with a soft spot for the wedding and event industry, one I’ve proudly been a part of for over 8 years. I’ve worked my way through almost every role you could think of landing me here today as a wedding planner and coordinator, and hopefully yours! A sucker for details, I take comfort in being organized and efficient; a win-win in the wedding world if you ask me!

Although I hold an education in Hospitality Management through Georgian College, it’s my experiences having worked at venues in some of Canada’s most scenic and honoured landscapes (think the mountains of Alberta and the vineyards of Niagara’s Wine Country), that have fueled my love for the wedding industry -- so it was only natural to find myself lakeside in the Muskoka’s. 

Things you should know before we become friends:

  • I love to bake and have a genetic sweet tooth – if the cookie jar is empty or the cake stand is bare, I am genuinely disappointed.

  • I absolutely hate flying; toddlers handle being in the air better than I do.

  • Tropical destinations are my favourite vacations (once I am safely on the ground that is).

  • I may slightly be obsessed with sports. If I am not playing them, you can guarantee I am watching them on TV.

  • I can find ways to incorporate the colour pink into just about everything I create (unless I of course am told not to).

  • I cry at all of my client’s weddings and am not ashamed to admit it. The moment when a bride takes her first steps down the aisle is always guaranteed to produce a few tears!

If you are interested in connecting and finding out how we can journey through your wedding plans together, get in touch!