Jenny & Alan's Love Story

Is anyone else obsessed with “how we met” stories? My favourite part in booking a new couple is getting to know all the details of where their journey together started: high school sweethearts, friendship to courtship, co-workers, online dating, sporting events, and the list goes on. Getting to know each couple on a personal level is, by far, the highlight of my consultations. I think the reason why I love event planning as much as I do is because each booking brings a new unique story, vision and dream.

Jenny & Alan, who I met just a few months ago, have me reminiscing about their story. After sitting with them for the first time and feeling an immediate sense of connection, it was quite clear I was in the company of two people very much in love and so excited to enter this next chapter of life. Their story tugs at my heart strings – although very basic in their eyes, it’s still one I could listen to over and over. Read on as Jenny shares their story in her own words:

“I've heard it said that you find your soulmate once you stop looking for them. That's true of Alan and I. We had started classes in January 2009 at Laurentian University in Barrie, each looking for a new start - the year before had been difficult and dark, and we were looking to get our lives back on track. Not the ideal time to meet someone. But that's exactly what happened, in the hallway of H building after writing our Pre-Confederation History midterm. I was wearing a pink sweater, covered in a sheep print. That's how he decided I might be weird enough for him.

I worried about the honeymoon period fading away, because friends had told me that it would. That the exciting parts, the new-ness of relationship would give way to the mundane and daily routines. But it never did. We had been dating about a year when we started seriously discussing marriage, although it was always "one day". Being a planner, I had a list of things I felt we should have before we got married: our degrees, good jobs, a house. Life doesn't work that way. It doesn't wait for you to be ready.

There are characters in your life that you always expect to be there. When we pictured our engagement and our wedding, the same key players would always be in mind. We envisioned sharing our joy with them, celebrating, and being a family. A very important member of our family developed an illness in November that moved so aggressively that he did not live to Christmas. Once he had passed away, Alan made the suggestion that we start looking at engagement rings. We had been waiting eight years for things to be perfect, for the stars to align just right... for my checkboxes to be ticked. It was never going to be the perfect time in our lives. We had to choose to see it as perfect. And it was. 

It's probably the least romantic engagement, but it was exactly what I wanted and needed. We went to the mall on Boxing Day. If we found a ring we loved, we were engaged. We visited a few stores, and found my ring at the second store we went to. We didn't know what we were looking for. I had planned our engagement and wedding so many times on Pinterest over eight years, that I didn't care if it fit my vision anymore. Only if I liked it. I loved my ring, and didn't want to take it off after I had it on for the first time. We went to the food court to discuss the rings we had seen, and quickly decided over poutine that my ring was "the one". Did this mean we were engaged? Was it finally that time? The answer to all of it, and to his question was yes.

We planned our wedding in five and a half months. We are no longer those people who wait for "one day", but make every day "the day". Although we're disappointed by our loss, we have grown and gained immensely from the experience. Our lives are richer for it. And I continue to be excited for all the days to come, as husband and wife.”

Cuteness overload, right? I felt the same way when listening to their story in person, and thanks to an incredible line-up of vendors this amazing duo were left with an unforgettable day! 

"To making each day count!"